Two young men, armed with a singular vision and a hand-levered La Pavoni espresso machine, decided to take over a basement office beside a student pub in Auckland, New Zealand. 


The year was 1996, and they knew this much – they were passionate about filmmaking, and partial to a good coffee.


Since then, Film Construction has grown beyond the bounds of a basement and into one of Australasia’s most creative and awarded film production companies with head office in Auckland, and outposts in Sydney, Singapore, and Wanaka.


Widely regarded as a nurturing home for filmmaking talent, dozens of filmmakers have called it home. Todays roster is a film family of inventive Directors, and energetic Producers. 


And while Film Construction has always been passionate about filmmaking, we’ve never been more excited about things than we are today. With the explosive evolution of technology, we can now shoot in many formats, and for many different screens. We work with advertising agencies, direct with marketing and communications departments, as well as broadcasters. 


And of course we work with offshore production companies wanting to shoot their projects in New Zealand. 


As experienced Service providers you can be confident that you'll be shooting in the right locations, with the best crews, maximising your budget and getting the best onscreen value for your project. All whilst enjoying the delicious food, wine and coffee that New Zealand is renowned for.


And after twenty-something years, our coffee machine is still at the centre of the office.  So of course, drop in for a brew and tell us your story. 



New Zealand has worked hard to contain the Covid-19 virus and provide a safe production environment for filmmakers.

We've always cared about the safety and health of our crew, cast, and clients. The advent of a worldwide pandemic has meant we've needed to make some changes to the way we work. Film Construction is operating under the NZ Screen Sector Health and Safety Protocols that have been stringently created for Covid-19. 

New Zealand works on a Four Level system. We are currently in Level Three in Auckland, waikato and Northland. And level Two for the rest of New Zealand. Level Four being Lockdown, and Level One being life in the new normal. New Zealand is currently working towards a 90% double vaccination rate for all eligible population. Once we have achieved this we will be adopting a new Traffic Light system, including Vaccine Passports that will enable more freedom, and reduce the likelihood of hard lockdowns.


You can learn more about New Zealand’s Alert Level System here: https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-levels-and-updates/covid-19-protection/


The NZ Film Commission, Screen Production Association, Technicians Guild, Directors Guild, and the Advertising Producers Guild are all working closing together to co-ordinate guidelines for Health and Safety for film production. This is an ongoing project, as we adapt to the changing environment. But there is a high level of co-operation from Government down to enable us to operate safely and effectively.


First we assess the project and build in necessary work safe practises. Then we act on those plans.

While New Zealand’s borders are closed we provide a variety of remote access solutions for those who cannot be with us. This includes live onset feeds as well as enviromental cameras so you can see what is happening on set, even if you are on the other side of the world.

As well as having a roster of amazing directors, we also offer proxy directors to partner with directors off shore.

At Film Construction we've worked hard to create a set of Health & Safety Protocols to ensure your safety while working with us during this pandemic, and beyond. 

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