Location: Auckland
Specialty: Style, Visual Beauty, Character, TVC, Creative Content.

World-renowned stills photographer with an eye for beauty and style. His film work shows rhythm and storytelling chops that still photographers often do not acquire.

He’s shot in Prague, LA, Egypt and Sydney, from the deserts of Mali to downtown New York and the local studio down the road. Chris has exhibited work in New York, San Diego and Auckland. He has twice featured in Lurzer’s Archive ‘Top 200 Advertising Photographers World-wide’.

“To use light, motion, movement, and character as a way to create a story is wonderful. Being trained to tell a story in a single frame is a useful skill for a filmmaker” - Chris Sisarich.

Chris has a warm and disarming way with actors, models and performers. He creates an environment of trust and energy that delivers exceptional moments and images—a warm and generous collaborator.