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built on 25 years
of production excellence.
Always anticipating tomorrow.

The year was 1996.  Dolly, the sheep, was cloned. Blur and Oasis were battling for chart supremacy. The DVD was invented.


And in New Zealand, a film company was born.


It was a time when cameras were still the size of beer crates, and film was processed at a laboratory. Editing involved actual cutting, using tape and a splicer. At Film Construction, we set up shop in a basement with our trusty La Pavoni hand-levered espresso machine.


We have left many of these things behind, but the important things remain. Dedication to craft, the importance of story, shot-making, and listening to our creative partners.


Belinda Bradley


Perry Bradley

head of film production

Ivan Barge

stills producer

Amie Gellert



Belinda Smith


Mitch Clothier

Today Film Construction is a well-respected and highly awarded Australasian Production Company with head office in Auckland, New Zealand,. Widely regarded as a nurturing home for filmmaking talent, dozens of filmmakers have called it home. Today's roster is a family of inventive Directors, Photographers and energetic Producers. 


We work with advertising agencies, marketing and communications departments and broadcasters. And we host other filmmakers from all around the world.

And the other thing we've not left behind - our love of vintage espresso machines.


FILM CONSTRUCTION . 28 Norwich St . Eden Tce . AUCKLAND . NEW ZEALAND . 1021

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