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Location - AUCKLAND

The long and the short of it, Jake thinks in pictures, problem-solves visually and helps people and brands tell the very best version of their story through images. 


With a bachelor's in design, Jake cut his teeth working as one of NZ's most sought-after Digi Assistants, Jake possesses invaluable insights and a breadth of exposure that sets him apart.


Jake's lens is drawn to action and storytelling, moving in sync with his subjects physically and emotionally. Growing up between New Zealand, Vanuatu,  Oman, and Ireland, Jake's DNA for adventure heavily influences his photography style. Whether taking a still shot or creating a video, he's about weaving a compelling narrative.


His work reflects his commitment to social good and changing perceptions. From shooting disabled models for large activewear brands to breaking myths and smashing boundaries, Jake's vision is forward-thinking and socially impactful.


“If I was “sent here on a mission”, it would be to create more elevating visuals featuring humans who are underrepresented in global mass media. Community’s such as the disabled, rainbow and BIPOC, to name a few,”- says Jake.


Whether crafting and shaping light in a studio environment or embracing the unpredictability of natural light, Jake's photography maintains a polished yet free aesthetic. For Jake, image-making is more than a career; it’s a means of helping people imagine a better way of being. 

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