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Stop Motion

Location - AUCKLAND

Consummate food and beverage photographer Manja Wachsmuth has won awards and fans with her impeccable Scandinavian sense of elegant composition. 


Manja is currently listed as a Lürzer’s Archive top 200 Ad photographer and creates masterful food photography. She also produces captivating product shots, expressive portraiture, and lifestyle imagery that intrigues.


Danish-born but now resident in Auckland, Manja's work is a testament to photographic power. From darkroom beginnings to culinary artistry, she has become a master of precision and purpose in commercial photography. Especially food and all its intricacies.


Manja believes in the profound impact of beautiful photos and compelling narratives.


"Beautiful photos last. They tell your story year after year, through trends and seasons, failure and success. They shine with you. It's easy to think that any photo will do, but that's as untrue as any meal or any wine will do. I believe in beautiful photos.” - says Manja.


Manja has etched her name as a sought-after photographer for food and beverage projects. But her diverse portfolio includes people, objects, landscapes, and interiors. Her work captures the beauty and authenticity of her subjects, and each is imbued with the luminance of her homeland. Manja is also known to push the boundaries of food photography with evocative projects such as Beautiful Decay and The Bug Project.


Collaborating with top chefs, artisan producers, and lifestyle brands, her photography delves into the heart of her subjects with an unwavering commitment to authenticity.

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