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Location - AUCKLAND

Matt is a photographer whose stylistic and crafted sensibilities elevate the soul of his subjects and the worlds he places them in. 


Matt builds narratives with delicate detail. He’s at home on location or in the studio, where he crafts images with innovation and control. He enjoys pushing boundaries. Playing with motion blur, framing, and bursts of exaggerated colour. His imagery is cinematic and evokes a deep emotional connection to the subject matter. 


Fascinated from a young age with shadow, pattern, texture, and bursts of colour. The earliest photo he recalls taking was with a disposable film camera.  Studying photography at high school, Matt left with the photography trophy under his arm. “That was cool and a bit of a brag for a while”, says Matt laughing. 


After studying Visual Arts and travelling, he gained an internship at Kingsize Studios. He took full advantage of the storeroom full of gear and explored his technique. The hard work paid off, and Matt’s after-hours portfolio started attracting attention. Clothing brands and musicians were drawn to Matt's cinematic and irreverent style. Editorial and brand work soon followed. 


Matt is an emerging super talent honing a style that is all at once precise, ethereal and beautifully undone. 

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