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Location/ Auckland

Mike is a talented storyteller and dedicated creator of photography and film. He has a unique eye for beauty, opting for the unexpected over the obvious. He displays a talent for bringing beauty to every story for brands like Nokia, Peroni, Fonterra, Yealands, The Crossings Wine, Boxer Spirits, TAB, The Hotel Britomart, and Tourism Fiji.


Mike's film work has stunning visuals. His camera work is graceful and dynamic, with beautiful compositions that capture the vivid colours and textures of the landscape. Armed with his favourite vintage 85mm 1.2 prime lens and his trusty card reader, Mike is at home shooting on location. Reacting to changing light conditions takes nerve to create gorgeous imagery on the fly.


Interiors and studio shooting provide a different set of challenges. Allowing him a slower pace to shape light around mindful compositions. 


Mike is always excited by projects that allow him to work with interesting people and good food. Born and raised on Southland and Canterbury farms, Mike's connection to the outdoors and love for nature is evident in his work. 



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