Perry Bradley

Perry has shot commercials all over the world and won dozens of craft awards.


An expert story teller, his directing skills stretch from heart piercing drama, to precisely timed comedy, to Special Effects. He’s a breeze to work with from the first brief to the final output. A collaborative and highly creative director. His love for the craft is infectious.


Perry has been a craft judge at advertising festivals. He is a mentor and lecturer in advertising industry courses and is in development on several drama and television projects. 


Perry loves making ads, and brings all his years of experience to everything he works on. Trained as a film director at The NZ National Film Unit, shooting documentary, drama, and spectacular tourism films. After a stint at TVNZ, he joined Airdate Films, then established Film Construction with Producer Peter Hewitt. 


25 years later he loves the cut and thrust of film-for-advertising as much as ever.