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The River Must Flow

Directed by Perry Bradley, this 7 minute mini documentary was produced to showcase the newly released book Maori Art by Dr. Rangīhiroa Pānoho.

"It was a privilege to contribute to such a special project,” says Perry, "and to capture something of the passion and heart that has gone into this book. It’s more than just a coffee table art book - it's a journey, a philosophical piece, and something that I feel will, in time, become recognised as an important work of New Zealand culture."

This short video sits within the growing platform of book trailers - video content in a wide variety of styles produced to promote the printed word.

"I am more than ever convinced of the importance of video for promoting books online,” says publisher Tracey Borgfeldt of Bateman Publishing. "It's the medium everyone relates best to now, and we are very excited to see how it will help spread awareness of new authors and new publications.”

About the book:

A book about Māori art in the 21st century - looking at Māori art, it is history, architecture, landscape and theory in a new way.

By Dr Rangīhiroa Pānoho, this book aims to enrich the experience of those viewing Māori art through an innovative discussion on what is at the heart of the connection between orthodox taonga and Māori artwork post 1950s. By exploring indigenous local histories and cosmologies, the landscapes upon which these stories were played out, and the architecture of the mārae, as well as the place of Māori art within an international context, this book provides a framework for looking at Māori art in a new way. Extensively illustrated with over 300 art works, landscapes and meetinghouses, including many never before published images, along with photographs commissioned for this book from renowned New Zealand photographers Mark Adams and Haruhiko Sameshima, Māori Art provides a deeper understanding of contemporary Māori art.


Director: Perry Bradley

Producer: Felicia Brunsting

DOP: James Rua

Production Assistant: Ferris Bradley

Production Company: Film Construction

Maori Art:

Author: Dr Rangīhiroa Pānoho

Photography: Mark Adams & Haruhiko Sameshima

Publisher: Bateman Publishing

Buy the book here

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