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Film Construction director Chris Sisarich opens multi-sensory exhibition of photography, video and s

In collaboration with composer Peter Hobbs, our very own Chris Sisarich exhibits his multi-sensory exhibition I Am Here from April 8th to 26th at Black Eye Gallery, Sydney.

The exhibition raises questions about our objective reality and existence through 18 pieces of sound and image that put forward a sensorily holistic experience.

The opening night featured an impromptu waiata from Hobbs, alongside an insightful speech from Sisarich in front of a packed out Black Eye Gallery.

Of 16 still images, 2 pieces are accompanied with a musical interpretation composed by Hobbs, along with a physical copy of the musical score. These two pieces are partnered with listening stations and were for sale in conjunction with their aural components to ensure the pieces stayed true to their multi-sensory entireties.

There are two pieces of moving image, one of which enjoys interactive visuals and sound, enabling the viewer to affect what they can see and hear.

“Each photograph is a living world in itself. It is a past record of one relative moment in space-time, but it also lives now, communicating and imparting feelings. Sound is similar; it truly lives when we experience it, and our feelings bring it to life.” - Chris Sisarich

“I have always loved the merger of visuals and sound. They have a sometimes sublime, sometimes tempestuous relationship, it’s a dynamic relationship I personally find highly stimulating and the result of the marriage always seems more than the sum of its parts.” - Peter Hobbs

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