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Film Construction director Mick Andrews shares an idea for Oceania Healthcare and Rainger&Rolfe

Growing old ain’t easy. That’s why we have Mick Andrews to comfort all baby boomers with a considered, nuanced and heartfelt spot for Oceania Healthcare. Besides, even us Gen Xs are starting to feel concerned.

The thing that drew me to this script immediately (and draws me to any script) is that it was human. It didn’t gloss over the tensions and fears that exist when entering this new stage of life. It didn’t lie to the audience or try to tell them that things are rosier than they are. The script even had the guts to end just as the characters’ conversation begins.​

From the very first reading, I knew the performances would make or break the ad. Michelle Leuthart gave a beautifully warm performance in the auditions, but finding the Mother proved difficult. When we came across Wellington based Irene Wood, we knew we’d found our girl.

As a filmmaker by trade, I took a filmmaker’s approach to this TVC. I think some of the crew felt like we were shooting a feature. I was even able fit in a rehearsal with the actresses, which can be all too rare in ad-land.

My favourite part of the ad has to be the close up of the Mother saying, “The trick is to make her think it was her idea”. Irene nails this and it’s a joy to watch every time.

Renaud Maire shot our first two short films and I love the way he captures drama visually. He was always first choice for DOP, and as you can see the shots are proper scrummy.

The biggest challenge of the shoot was - strangely - the paddling pool scene. We intended to use warm water so the kids didn’t freeze their arses off but then the water was steaming – not quite the hot summer look we were after. So we had to cool the water down. When I found myself dancing about trying to get these poor shivering kids to be as happy as possible, I did momentarily wonder about my career choices in life.


Production Company: Film Construction

Director: Mick Andrews

Producer: Tim Costar

DOP: Renaud Maire

Agency: Rainger&Rolfe

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