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Matt Hayward arrives as Executive Producer for Film Construction Australia

Trans-Tasman production company Film Construction has kicked off the new year by announcing Matt Hayward as Executive Producer for Australia.

Matt shares Film Construction’s passion to evolve the traditional Production Company model, seeking out new opportunities and challenges. Says Hayward, “Film Construction has built a big reputation in Australia for over 20 Years - having had offices in both Sydney and Melbourne. I like the way they are adapting to the modern challenges that agencies face. Film Construction finds a way to produce all species of film work for their clients, from online content to long form entertainment”.

Matt cut his teeth as a freelance composer, scoring TVC music for various agencies and production companies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. He then transitioned into audio post-production, setting up his own facility Sound Reservoir in Sydney, before going on to launch bespoke music production company Eclectic Music Machine. More recently, Matt moved out of audio and took on the role of MD AsiaPacific for Little Black Book, where he focussed on increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to their site and increasing revenue.

Says Auckland Executive Producer Patrick McAteer, “Matt’s diverse range of experience makes him the perfect match for our production philosophy. We produce moving image, no matter the format, and Matt is onboard with that idea.”

It has been a year of exciting change for Film Construction, with Matt as a welcome asset for the fast adapting company.

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