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Behind the scenes: The art of the cut

Our talented team - Harriett Maire (Director) and Ferris Bradley (Producer) created this beautiful web film for Bundy the Barber.

Who is Bundy?

Bundy is a barber from NZ. He's created a solid range of male grooming hair products – cruelty free, locally made and affordable.

He wanted to be the first barber with a highly stylised web film showcasing him and his wider brand.

How it came together – the creative process

“We initally presented Bundy with five different approaches to how we could cover off the concept ‘trust your barber’ and went from there.

“We went ahead with the concept that showcased his pure talent in action - no barbershop around him, no cigars or whiskey or mahogany, just him, his tools and the customer.

“We wanted to sell Bundy the Barber as a concept; the art of the cut.

“From the beginning, there was very open communication between Bundy and ourselves, which made for a collaborative and creative approach between client and production company.

“As director, DOP and editor of this project, it was really nice to be involved in every part of the production process.”

Harriett Maire, Director at Film Construction.



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