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Selfies, Slushies and Sunglasses

Film Construction Director, Harriett Maire talks about filming with Sunglass Hut at Laneway Festival.

Sunglass Hut’s Chill out Zone at Auckland’s Laneway Festival was going to be a great event. Getting free passes to Auckland's coolest festival was a definite bonus. But more importantly, this was a challenge for a young Director. Harriett knew that to make a great video she'd have to search out a story.

As a sponsor of Laneway, Sunglass Hut built a special activation in Albert Park. Free slushies in Sunglass Hut branded cups. A media wall. A selection of sunglasses for people to try on and take photos with. All this, and an area with funky chairs and beanbags to relax in. The space allowed festival goers take a break from the busyness of the festival. Stop, and recharge.

The final videos were for the fashion-forward female customer. It needed to show how Sunglass Hut complements their lifestyle. A stylish aesthetic was a must.

Director Harriett Maire: "What a beautiful day to be filming. The sun was shining. The slushies were slushing. I am thankful that the Sunglass Hut zone was under a big tree. This created lots of dappled summer light to play with, allowing for nicely balanced exposures."

The joy of a small crew.

With Producer Ferris Bradley handling talent releases, data wrangling, as well as promotional stills, it was a busy day for the two person crew.

Acting as Director/DP is something Harriet enjoys. "As the director on these smaller jobs, it’s fun to camera operate as well. It gives you full creative freedom to capture each moment."

Adding a moving time lapse sequence to the shoot is a nice touch. "While it adds a little stress to your day, having the SYRP Magic Carpet rig clicking away is a nice way to add production value. It broadens the scope of the video".

The search for substance.

Harriett knew she wouldn't be shaping a dramatic narrative from the days event. Her task was to capture the vibe, and make it about personality. As the film textbooks say, sometimes character is story.

"A big part of my job is to focus in on a few people, and give the videos a specific direction. Just capturing everything that moves is fine. But I was also keeping an eye out for interesting people who could capture the brand. People that the Sunglass Hut audience would relate to."

Harriett captured the mood and atmosphere of the event in a very natural way. And had a great time as well.

"Ferris and I had a limited amount of time to film within the festival. But with our media passes we were able to explore the entire site. It all felt VIP. Thanks for a great day Sunglass Hut!"

Director/Camera: Harriett Maire

Producer/Stills: Ferris Bradley

Production Company: Film Construction

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