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Open Door Policy for Bayleys Recruitment

More than a mere recruitment film, Bayleys Real Estate wanted to cover a lot of ground with their message in this film produced by Film Construction.

The task was to showcase the wide range of ways that agents can work with the company. And talk to agents in their language.

Working with ICG, Damon O’Leary's script called for a presenter to walk through a series of connecting doors. Each scene a new location showing the diversity of Bayleys, and the employment opportunities within their business. Commercial, Residential, Rural, Lifestyle, Project/Apartment, Property Management and Valuations.

Executive Producer Patrick McAteer: “Director Perry Bradley was enlisted to solve this. He brings so much experience with visual effects. His vision was for the whole film to feel organic and handheld not tricky or choreographed like a music video. He devised an elaborate construction of doorways on each set. This allowed for transition points to occur in a natural way."

Bradley: “This kind of technical shooting is great fun. I love pushing around the variables and elements until they all come together. I knew that the handheld feel was going to add complexity. But I also wanted to create real connection to the viewer. When working with visual effects, it's important that they serve the communication. Too often they take over."

McAteer: "Of course, budget is one such element we had to push around. The Content Studio are focused on exceeding clients expectations within their allocated budget."

"Hats off to Production Designer Ben Witter who worked hard on the set elements that Perry had dreamt up. And DP Renaud Maire whose hand held shooting always looks like a steadicam!"

View the finished film here:

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