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Presenting Chris Sisarich - Dream Weaver

Chris is an explorer at heart. As a young man he roamed the world with a surfboard under his arm, allowing time for his frontal lobe to absorb enough salt air to let life take its course.

And whatever the plan was, it worked.

As a celebrated stills photographer his commissions have taken him around the globe working on large scale campaigns, as well as holding solo exhibitions in NYC and Sydney.

As a film director he brings an exacting eye, discerning style, and a whole lot of heart to the mix. There's a deliciousness to Chris' work. An instant connection and appeal. The wonderful ability to conjure up places and people made only in dreams.

And it turns out he's also great at telling a yarn and spinning a story too. He knows how to extract the very best from actors, where the smiles and tears lie, and how to serve the idea.

We know you'll love working with Chris as much as we do.

SATS Singapore


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