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Let me call you sweetheart...

No Dialogue. No Music.

The old cinema adage is "show it, don't say it".

When you recieve a script that requires the smallest amount of audio until the last 25 seconds of a 60 second TVC, you know that you have something special on your hands. Director, Perry Bradley was in his element when it came to exploring all the nuances of this wonderfully emotional concept.

This rare commodity of silence demanded careful curating of story and delicate directing of performance, to fill in what audio might otherwise inform the viewer. Holding all the emotion back until the last 25 seconds where actor David Weatherly pulls out a heart melting performance where audio and nostalgia kicks in at full volume.

The sound of silence is broken and memories flood in as he thinks of his sweetheart once more.

Director - Perry Bradley, Producer Ivan Barge, DOP Mark Lapwood, Art Director Ash Turner, Stylist and Make-up Cathy Pope, Editor - Nathen Pickles, Colourist - Tom Meares, Production Company - Film Construction, Music by Nic Manders/Smoke Music, Agency Rainger & Rolfe, Creative Directors Jo Pfiszter & Quent Pfiszter, Agency Producer - Peter Mayo, Client - Oceania Healthcare.

" I Love Music" - Oceania Healthcare 60" TVC


Production Stills - Belinda Bradley