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Katya Brook Conjures an Otherworldly Traveler for DELSEY Paris X Visual Pleasure Magazine

Visual Pleasure Magazine tapped Fine Art photographer Katya Brook to represent New Zealand in their New Horizon's World Tour campaign for DELSEY Paris, a curation of 24 Artists selected from around the globe.

Naturally, my brain exploded with ideas when this landed on my desk - says Katya. 

Inspired by Delsey Rempart's design, Katya's imagination drifted to a futuristic traveller emerging from the ocean, mirroring the brand's fluidity and resilience. Enlisting the help of stylist Vlad Tichen, they envisioned infusing New Zealand's incredible landscape with the iconic Parisian brand.

The planning was handled from afar while on assignment in the Philippines. Brook developed the creative direction and virtually scouted locations, eventually settling on Anawhata, a wild west coast beach in New Zealand that resonated with its prehistoric beauty and otherworldly feel. 

Katya curated a mood board, and with Vlad's stylistic vision, they created the costume for their protagonist. The costume is an amalgamation of Ridley Scott's Prometheus and Annihilation's alien—a faceless, androgynous creature that is both poetic and mysterious. 

The project came together seamlessly, allowing their visual story to speak for itself.

Katya Brook's collaboration with Visual Pleasure Magazine and DELSEY Paris showcases a blend of imagination and artistry, celebrating exploration and creativity. Their partnership merged Anawhata's raw beauty with DELSEY Paris's modern style, creating a visual story that invites viewers on a journey where reality and fantasy intertwine, promising endless possibilities.

For the film visualiser, Katya returned to Anawhata, expanding on the narrative of their futuristic traveller. Chosing Terry Callier's "900 Miles" to evoke moments of homesickness and the longing for one's homeland.



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