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Quick Draw Harriett on matchmaking and splitting the bill

Harriett Maire reflects on her latest work for Dosh via Rainger & Rolfe.

'Directing these spots has been a dream. Celebrating an innovative financial product and having creative scope to introduce Dosh as the new kid on the block? Yes please!

My focus was giving these spots a fresh, cheeky and relatable feel. There was such a deep level of creative trust throughout the process - I couldn't have asked for a more supportive client and agency. They were even on board with my suggestion to break the fourth wall - a cheeky homage to Fleabag that lifted the engagement of the spots even further.

Rainger & Rolfe ECD Kelly Putter is an absolute joy to collaborate with - he wrote clever, thoughtful scripts that allowed the actors to shine.

There's nothing I love more than a story that puts performance front and centre.

I love to cast my own commercials, and this casting process was an absolute doozy. I was looking for strong, supple actors who could communicate through nuanced expression and weren't afraid of being a bit silly.

When casting a group of friends, you're working to find the perfect combination of dynamics that feels familiar and comfortable. A group of people with natural camaraderie. We struck gold. By an hour into the shoot, it was like our core four had been friends for life. I was watching them bonding and laughing together from behind the monitor like a successful matchmaker, cackling with glee.

The team at Film Construction and the entire crew across the project went above and beyond to bring this to life. Filmmaking really is a team game, and I couldn't have asked for better teammates. Tane's art direction, Gray's focus pulling, Imagezone's gear, Ivan's director-wrangling, Livi's hustling, Pablo's lighting, Verity's styling, Gary's editing, Pete's grading and David's mixing - these people are at the top of their game. I'm grateful for their input, and in awe of their expertise.

At its best, a crew can really feel like family. In this case - with Renaud Maire as DOP - it really was! With Dad shooting and me directing, my poor Mum doesn't stand a chance on set. It was such a joy to collaborate with Renaud on this project, his images are always golden.

I hope these spots bring a smile to your face, and the Dosh app to your phone.


Harriett x





Dosh: James McEniery, Rebecca Jones.

Rainger & Rolfe: Managing Partner - Ant Rainger, Creative Director - Kelly Putter, Snr Account Director - Aaron Jacobsen

Film Construction and Team: Director - Harriett Maire, Producer - Ivan Barge, EP - Belinda Bradley, PM - Liv Daly, DOP - Renaud Maire, 1st AC - Gray Turner, Art Director - Tane Jarrett, Art Assist - Jordan Cuthers, DIT - Tarique Fredericks, Gaffer - Paul Stevenson (Pablo), Best Boy - Craig Macdonald, LX Assist - Barnaby Sweet, Sound - Craig O'Reilly, Wardrobe/MU - Verity Griffiths, Runner - Rory Chignell, Safety - Ollie Howe, Editor - Gary Sims, Colourist - Pete Ritchie, Sound - David Liversidge, Online - James Hutchinson.


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