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Plating up the delicious artistry of the edible and inanimate with Photographer Victoria Baldwin.

Having welcomed Victoria to our freshly minted photography roster, it's time to delve into her undeniable fixation with FOOD.

Victoria grew up obsessing about it. Sydney born and raised, Victoria is from a family in food production; it was part of her story from a young age. School holidays were spent tagging along for deliveries, helping in the warehouse and sampling treats at food shows. It was inevitable that her love for food and photography would collide.

With a background studying theatre, she approaches each commission as a mise en scène. Working closely alongside Art Directors with the mantra that 'what's not in the scene is just as important as what is'. This considered approach, combined with her meticulous process, results in bold and impacting work - highly relevant to the project's display medium.

Victoria's work showcases a vivid realism through her optimistic images. Her breadth of visual communication is impressive, her execution impeccable.

Victoria captures the crescendo of a scene. Her use of light and colour is transporting. From “wake me up” brights to seductive "take me to bed" tones.

Often found in the studio, Victoria is equally at home in a field of fresh veg. While focusing on detail work, she's also adept at capturing the human condition. She brings her clean and considered aesthetic to the task when capturing humans as a purposefully placed prop or a crafted lifestyle portrait.

Victoria - a technical detail aficionado - loves to push the boundaries between stills and film. She crafts Cinemagraphs, Stop-Motion and Film to seamlessly blend together deliverable mediums.

Her love for photography has evolved into key leadership roles with the AIPA and is the founder of the Women's Work Collective. Hosting webinars and workshops, Victoria shares her skills to create a better world, with equality and compassion at its core.

Photographer Victoria Baldwin

Her new role as Executive Producer/Partner for the Film Construction Stills Division will see even more opportunities to shape Photographic Production fit for the future.

We look forward to getting a little food stuck between your teeth with Victoria. Toothpicks provided.