Filmmaking Fire

For two decades, Film Construction has been at the centre of television commercial making in Australasia. Those skills are also now focused on wider filmmaking projects and naturally, many of them involve working with advertising agencies and brands. Broadcasters working with sponsors are often staggered by the detail and control required by marketing and advertising teams, and that's where our years of experience come in.


We understand what it takes to balance the needs of a network, a client, and the audience. And we work with some of the best filmmakers in Australasia.


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Dare To Dream

Finalist in the NZ Television Awards 2017

This six-part documentary series follows recipients of AMP’s scholarship programme on their journeys to success. This is a unique collaboration between a production company, a brand, and a broadcaster, with AMP creating its own editorial content for the New Zealand television audience. 

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The Birth Of A New Zealand Symphony

Separated from his birth place for over 60 years, composer Brent Parker returns at age 84 to workshop his Symphony with the Auckland Symphony Orchestra. The goal is to have it included in the 2018 ASO performance schedule. 


A story about the creative process, the struggle to be noticed as an artist and the purity of commitment to craft. This mini documentary portrays Brents need to contribute, be recognised and reconnect with the land of his childhood.

Two Flowers

When we love, celebrate, or grieve, we do so with flowers in our hand.


Director Harriett Maire has created a documentary short that is both visually beautiful and insightful. TWO FLOWERS follows the journey of a bloom from cutting to bouquet to the moment it wilts, while exploring what different flowers mean to different people.

Single/Single - Breadcrumbs

Single/single marries Harriett Maire's two great passions together - film and theatre. These videos are of one take, with the actor looking down the barrel of the lens.The power of this project is in the way that the character breaks the fourth wall without the audience feeling put on the spot. Instead of feeling confronted, the audience should feel like the character is sharing something special with them, and only them. The scripts come from many different places - some are from plays, others from films, some from books of poetry, and some have been written by the performers themselves. 

Single/Single - Timmie

Let The River Flow

Art historian Dr Rangihiroa Panoho explores the connection between traditional and contemporary artworks in his award winning book Maori Art. In this short he discusses the book, and outlines many of the themes present in his writing. This thought provoking provides a unique framework for looking at Maori Art in the 21st century.