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over 20 years experience as trusted production providers.

You can be confident that every aspect of your offshore production will be handled with the utmost professionalism, full local knowledge and care. Supplying you with the very best production services on offer in New Zealand.

Stunning Locations Paired with excellent Crew

New Zealand is photographic ecstasy. From big cities to quaint towns. Snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes to rugged, windswept coastlines. Makers of TV programmes, feature films, television commercials and photographic Campaigns all find what they are looking for all within easy reach.​

New Zealand as a shoot destination gives you incredible choice and diversity that we possess here in New Zealand. Being a small nation of two main Islands we are surrounded by amazing coastlines and blessed with everything in-between. All a short drive or regional flight from each other. 

We've hosted scores of filmmakers and photographers from all over the world. Their fantastic experiences shooting here in New Zealand make them return over and over. With expert local knowledge, a network of highly skilled crew and amazing location scouts, we can ensure your production will run smoothly and will be a very positive production experience. 

cross-season filming

The benefit of having the reverse season to Europe and North America means we can offer snow or blossoms when they are thin on the ground elsewhere. Fields of long wheat grass in February, golden leaves in April, snowy mountains June to September, blossoms in September and lush green grass October to January.  


Our cities have been the backdrop for stories set in New York, London, Paris, Shanghai and more. Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown offer a huge variety of locations within easy reach. And Australia's wonderful metropolitan cities are at arms reach from our place being only a short 3.5 hour flight away.


We are well-practised at providing remote production to offshore Agencies, Production Companies and Brands. When it comes to international shoots, it's not always possible to travel your full team to the shoot destination. Remote production has become a great tool, reducing carbon footprints, maximising budgets, as well as being extremely efficient. Live streaming from breathtaking New Zealand locations to the comfort of your laptop. You are here with us virtually every step of the way. 


In New Zealand we have a a wonderful cross section of cultures and have a flourishing community of actors and models. We have great relationships with our top casting agents and you can be sure that you will find what you're looking for, whether it be a seasoned actor or the fresh face of a future star. 

exchange rate

Our exchange rate really does put a smile on a producer's face. 

For up-to-date exchange rates visit here moneyconverter


We can help organise temporary work visas for any offshore crew and cast. Most visa applications take around 5-7 working days to process. Agency and Clients do not require a working visa and can simply enter the country on a holiday visa


Film Construction has a unique edge in the production service market. It's important to point out we are not just Service Providers or Fixers. We are a functioning Production House with our own strong roster of talented Directors and Photographers. So we can host visiting Directors or help out with talent from our roster if needed.


Our experience is a key advantage, too. With a 27-year history in the industry, we've honed our problem-solving skills to tackle even the most complex challenges that productions may encounter. We've built an extensive network of connections to A-grade crew members in every department, ensuring that we assemble the best teams for our clients' projects.


And it’s all based around our park side office in Eden Terrace, strategically located on the edge of the CBD. We’ve hosted production companies and agencies from all around the world. And our proximity to Ponsonby Road's vibrant restaurant and shopping district is a definite bonus.


Our knowledge of New Zealand's finest restaurants and local gems ensures our clients have an exceptional experience while working with us. Creating a memorable and enjoyable production environment is essential to delivering outstanding results. Our experience, industry connections, and local expertise set Film Construction apart.

New Zealand Is Photographic Ecstasy

Behind the scenes with Film Construction
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