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Director Chris Sisarich joins Film Construction

Film Construction is excited to add Chris Sisarich to their filmmaking family.

Chris’s eloquent visual style as a Director comes from his years as an international fashion and advertising photographer. He is sold out on beautiful imagery as a key way to create story, and brings this sensibility to every project.

“Being trained to tell a story in a single frame is a useful skill” says Chris “and I love adding movement, rhythm, and character to the tool set.”

Chris has shot in Prague, LA , Egypt and Sydney, from the deserts of Mali to downtown New York, and has exhibited work in New York, San Diego and Auckland.

In 2013 his work was recognised by Lurzer’s Archive in their ‘Top 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide’.

Producer Tim Pietranski “As well as his vast photographic knowledge, Chris’s experiences in front of the camera have made a definite mark on his Directorial style. He talks to talent with real insight, knowledge and empathy." Chris was widely known for his work as a judge on the Next Top Model franchise, and for several roles in international TVCs. Bruce Pilbrow, Film Construction Group Managing Director, explains "Chris's appointment is one of a number of new people, developments, and initiatives that are reshaping the company. Chris brings an excitement and energy to our team. And above all he's a top bloke"

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