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Felicia Brunsting, MoFilm & her round trip with FC

Dutch by birthright, a 21 year old Felicia Brunsting took hold of the opportunity to move to NZ for an internship in 08. She worked a 5 year stint as animation producer at Cirkus and at the beginning of 2013 landed her first freelance job in live action production at Film Construction, 22 Minnie St.

This kick started a 2 year round trip - working for several production companies - which ultimately placed her right back where she started. The address name and number changed but by 2015 Felicia was back with Film Construction.

Although Felicia had experience producing animation projects, they were never as elaborate as live action shoots. She looked into MOFILM in order to boost her experience as producer.

MOFILM enabled her to work with real creative agency briefs, develop production skills, make industry contacts and work with like minded young people.


2013: Felicia and FC director Hugh Mitton produce Durex Elevator. A comic and quirky commercial for Russia about making love in an elevator.

2014: Felicia and Hugh team up again and shoot 3 commercials in 4 days, an amazing feat of organisation and concentrated creativity. These were Durex Whisper, Häagen Dasz Doors and Cocacola Finding Friends, with Durex Whisper taking 3rd place at Cannes Lions.

Late 2014: Felicia works with director Roberto Nascimento and claims 5th place for Axe First Impressions. Whereas Hugh had previously applied for grants, Felicia was now at the helm of finding funding, applying for grants and calling in favours.

Two lessons learnt from Felicia’s experience with MOFILM:

#1 The importance of finding the right people. The people make the job, and it is important to establish a good culture through working with people that share similar values and ideas.

#2 How to make a beautiful ad on a tight budget. It all comes down to favours, which can be hard to find but rewarding when a good relationship is formed. It is important to remember these helping hands and repay them when you can, enabling the formation and preservation of strong industry relationships.


Felicia and Hugh’s 2014 collaboration was produced from the FC office. Their accomplishment of shooting 3 great commercials in 4 days did not go unnoticed by Managing Director Bruce Pilbrow and Director Perry Bradley.

At the end of 2014, Felicia found herself with the opportunity to become a FC producer.

Which brings us right back to the beginning. Not quite back in the Netherlands, but with Felicia Brunsting back with FC. A producer with an array of refreshing jobs in both live-action and animation; a great director-producer partnership with Hugh Mitton; numerous awards, and an exciting future with FC.

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