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A big congratulations to Georgiana Taylor and short film Crumble

Maebh and her brother have found themselves in the fanciest of restaurants. Being served by the fanciest of waiters. But he’s got a mouth on him that needs educating. He asks questions that are frankly none of his business.

Directed by Film Construction’s Georgiana Taylor and produced by Kick Ass 2 producer Leonie Mansfield, Crumble was selected by Academy Award accredited Flickerfest for their 2015 festival in January.

Crumble was chosen from 2500 entries and screened amongst films from all over the world.

“We were thrilled to be selected as it was our first ever festival submission,” says Taylor. “Flickerfest is based locally in Sydney and is well renowned, a great start for our film.”

Set down on Bondi Beach, the large outdoor cinema provides the perfect atmosphere for film fans to enjoy a drink and the silver screen.

Crumble is Taylor’s first official short film. Previous work includes the web series Woodville, in which the series' 6 episodes are similar to short films in a technical sense. Check out an excerpt from Woodville here:

“The great thing about short films is that you get to learn about craft in a more contained way,” explains Taylor.

“Every shoot is different and has its own set of challenges. I have never not been up against time, as is the nature of low budget filmmaking.”

“I love being on set, and as always with these things, I can’t wait to make the next one now.”

Taylor describes the experience of screening Crumble as “nerve-wracking” with so many viewers, but was ultimately pleased with the positive reception.

“You never know how an audience will react, so that’s always interesting.”

Crumble has been selected for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and Taylor intends on putting the film into the world film festival circuit.


Director: George Taylor

Producer: Leonie Mansfield

Lead Talent: Hannah James Scott, Roy Billing and Michael Whalley.

Writer: Chris Brandon

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