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Capturing the heart of Rural New Zealand for FMG's latest brand campaign, Here, There and Everywhere.

Director Perry Bradley chats about his approach to harnessing some good Kiwi rural-ness with a crew of stand-out Kiwi filmmakers.

"As a director, there’s a special satisfaction when a script seamlessly falls into place. Our latest project, the "Here, There, and Everywhere" commercial, was one such occasion. This script, a continuation of FMG’s engaging dialogue with the rural community, carried a tone that felt more like a relaxed chat over a cup of tea rather than a heavy-handed corporate message.

The heart of this project was the casting, and I leaned heavily on the expertise of casting director Harriett Maire. Her dedication brought together a diverse set of rural characters, adding authenticity and warmth to the narrative. Rural Kiwis are a vibrant and diverse community, far from the stereotypical Speights-drinking, Swandri-wearing cliché.

I aimed for simplicity in shot design, striving to create a seamless and fluid visual experience with minimal pace. With the expertise of DP Maria Innes Manchego and Production Designer Tane Jarrett, we achieved sweeping camera movements that beautifully conveyed the interconnectedness of rural life. Their collaboration ensured our visuals were as dynamic and expansive as the story we were telling.

Editor Gary Sims played a crucial role in maintaining the pace and tone I envisioned, ensuring the commercial was visually captivating and true to FMG's approachable style. Jim Hall's soundtrack added a lovely, lilting smile to the proceedings, enhancing the overall feel of the commercial.

Writer Robin Powell and ECD James Blackwood of BCG2 were closely involved throughout the process, contributing to the creative vision and helping guard the tone and brand. Together, we crafted a commercial highlighting FMG’s deeply rooted presence in rural New Zealand and celebrating the community's spirit and resilience" - Perry.

Brand Film / Here, There and Everywhere / FMG / BCG2



Marketing Manager - Richard Aitken

Senior Marketing Specialist  - Phillipa (Pip) Kennedy


ECD - James Blackwood

Creative Director - Robin Powell

Business Director - Stella Terrell

Agency Producer - József Fityus


Director - Perry Bradley

Executive Producer - Belinda Bradley

Producer - Ivan Barge

Casting Director - Harriett Maire/Good Egg


DOP - Maria Ines Manchego

Production Manager - Leah Oram

1st AD - Luke Wheeler

1st AC - Bayley Broome-Peake

Video / DIT - Jack Hurst

Drone Operator - Brendon Dixon

Drone Operator - Craig Patterson

Sound Operator - Mark Storey

Gaffer - Thad Lawrence

Best Boy - Russell Lloyd

LX Assist - Sam Fordham

Grip - Tom Davis

Grip Trainee - Roman Randle 

Gimbal Tech - Levi Keddy

Wardrobe / MU Combo - Tracey Feickert

Wardrobe Assist - Annette Oliver

Art Director - Tane Jarrett

Standby Props - Petelo Vaihu

Art Assist - Mike Latham

Art Assist - Ryan Dulieu

Animal Wrangler - Rosie Miles

Unit Manager - Joey Vaessen

Unit Assist - Mika Ichinose

Location Manager - Ryan Freeman

Safety Officer - Zane Beaver

Runner - Mitch Clothier

Location Scout - Stephen Piper

Final Checks - Safety Rob McKenzie

Accountant - Belinda Smith


Offline Editor - Gary Sims 

Online Editor - James Hutchinson

Colourist - Pete Ritchie


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