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We Wish We’d Made This #002

Us V Them is a progressive project that employs the creative industry as a platform for bringing about social change. They want to bring down the bad guys of the world.

Us V Them utilises the creative industry and creates content which aims to expose and rid injustice within political, economic and social spheres.

Their first target is the tobacco industry, and their weapon is this captivating piece of film making.

A simple but powerful set up; one room, one tracking shot, one actor.

The slow tracking shot combines with a crescendo of dark noise, creating a tension that combines with predatorial language, culminating in an uncomfortable yet satirically humorous tone.

The twist ending reveals the man to be a tobacco company executive, equating the nature of tobacco companies to that of a male predator. Dark humour with a strong message.

The effective film making and creative force of this advertisement is evident. This content is saying something.

In a period of journalistic tabloidisation and sensationalisation, perhaps independent creative teams like Us v Them can assume the mantle of social watchdog. Ultimately fulfilling the role of the Fourth Estate through bringing down the bad guys of the world with compelling digital content and moving image.

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