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SHANGHAI - Seduced In Seven Days.

Sitting on our green hill and looking out the studio slider to blue sky and blossoms makes Shanghai feel a world away.

Like falling in love, you lose a little piece of yourself and a portion of your soul mysteriously migrates. Shanghai intoxicates you with her Basil Drop Cocktail and you're never quite the same.

Looking more like infatuated tourists than filmmakers, we couldn't help but record what we saw. Collecting images as we actioned our Shanghai directive to say hello to as many producers and creatives as we could. Re-boot old connections, make new ones, get scripts. And continue to deliver great work.

But back to our love story. Based in the French Quarter, residential lanes overflow with the very old to the very young, and everything in-between. The footpaths are shared with scooters, bikes, dogs, tailors, crab vendors and pedestrians. We constantly side stepped as all manner of vehicle beeped and whirred their way past, or through us.

Yes, the hot air engulfs you. The hotel shower you just had dissolves the moment you step outside. Taxis are hard to hail. And there's not a lot of English. But hey, what a treat to be lost in translation.

It made our brains buzz, a million short films playing out around us as we navigated our destinations on foot. Here's what we saw.

the scenes in-between

Stills by Belinda Bradley. Canon5D MK3, 24-70mm, 35mm

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