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It's Winter. Go Light the Fire.

Mix together a west coast beach, some drift wood, rakes and wheelbarrows. A film crew, a sunset, twilight and some matches. Then light up BCG2's James Bowman and Film Construction's Chris Sisarich - what do you get?

Rinnai's latest brand TVC.

There's nothing like creating a bit of on-camera fire. There's a certain primal glint you see in the fire starter's eye. The art department included, rakes and hoses on the ready. As the sun sank beneath the horizon the flames deepened in colour. The crew were poised. The small window of twilight adding intensity to the shot list's demands. All before the landscape was plunged into complete darkness. And the shots were achieved.

The only things missing were marshmallows, guitars and a few campside tunes...

Rinnai Brand TVC

Director - Chris Sisarich, Producer - Jozsef Fityus, DOP - Renaud Maire, Editor & Colourist - James Hutchinson, Agency BCG2, Client - Rinnai.

Production Stills - Belinda Bradley

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