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Adding the visual acceleration of photographer Jodie James

Burnt out car in a forest

We’re stoked to be adding Jodie to our stable of photographers. Her unique point of view is transformative. She makes the ordinary extraordinary by finding beauty in everyday scenes and people. Her work exudes intentional undertones that lend immediacy and gravitas to her imagery. She knows just when to apply visual acceleration as she rounds a corner, she’s a bit of a chameleon tonally, and that’s pretty handy.

“My goal is for a hidden narrative to be discovered beyond the initial visual impact in my work. I try to empower viewers with the opportunity to embark on a visual treasure hunt, weaving their own threads of meaning while finding resonance within the existing narrative,” - says Jodie.

Montage of man holding a print, Dirty coffee cup, a girl inside a caravan window, Girl mowing lawns, A shrub wrapped in red gift paper in front of a house.

With a background in marketing gained from working around the globe, Jodie has a deep understanding of concepts and the power of ideas. Infusing her work with unexpected elements that leave a lasting impression.

Blessed to be based in Central Otago, considered one of the most breathtaking shoot locations worldwide, Jodie maximises her backyard vistas for local and international clients. And effortlessly handles assignments across both of Aotearoa's main islands. Another standout artist and superb human to join our clutch of crazy good photographers.

Woan sitting in the back of a hatch back car with the boot open.

Photographer - Jodie James


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