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Director & Photographer Michele Aboud creates an exquisite film for Perfumery of note, “The Raconteur”.

Man walking a dog in a large field at sunset

In a striking convergence of artistry and narrative, Michele Aboud brings this gorgeous visual project to life for Sydney-based luxury fragrance brand The Raconteur. The film takes viewers on an odyssey of sensory delight.

Central to ‘The Raconteur’ is the compelling narrative of founder Craig Andrade. The film chronicles his transformative journey from Sydney’s bustling urban landscapes to the serene embrace of a Georgian homestead in Tasmania, where the magic of paddock to perfume unfolds at the Raconteurs Farm.

Michele Aboud's creative leadership was pivotal in shaping the narrative arc, drawing inspiration from Andrade's profound connection to the Australian landscape. Aboud skillfully blends whimsy with purpose, overcoming the challenges of remote collaboration to curate every aspect of the production with meticulous attention to detail. The last-minute decision to find a top hat when shooting at the remote farm location shows Michele’s determination.  The call went out and the perfect hat was discovered in the home of Andrade's neighbour, arriving on set just in time. 

From scouting locations through Andrade's iPhone lens to carefully selecting wardrobe and props, including the iconic ‘Alice’ book sourced from Glee Books in Glebe, Aboud’s tenacity in pursuit of visual perfection is unparalleled.

The collaborative synergy between Andrade and Aboud birthed a narrative of captivating allure, seamlessly encapsulating the essence of Andrade's journey, underscored by Aboud's acute sensitivity to the narrative needs.

Photography / Michele Aboud


Director / Photographer / Producer: Michele Aboud

DOP: Glenn Pokorny

1st AC: Max Crosswell

Gaffer: Remi Durrenburger

Editor: Christopher Baron 

Colourist: Wassim Bazzi 

Sound Editor: James Martell

Retouching: Roma Necheav

Model: Tanya Linney

Mad Hatters Party - Stylist: Verity Wood

Bec Deasy - Chee productions

Belinda & Perry Bradley - Film Construction

// The Raconteur is an artisanal luxury fragrance brand based in Sydney, Australia.  Founded in 2019 by Craig Andrade, The Raconteur specialises in botanical fragrances using Australian native plant extracts. Our fragrances are functional, they transcend gender, and all our products are handmade in Australia //


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