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Director Spotlight - Ivan Barge

Ivan brings a collaborative and holistic approach to the craft of visual storytelling, which is grounded in performance and tone. He firmly believes that comedy and pathos are the best ways to connect with an audience. Mix all this with a brain whose processor seems to be on the latest update before anyone else's. He's charming, irreverent and humble, one of the best humans we know.

In his spare time, he can often be seen being dragged along the streets of Auckland by his oversized dog, Rufus, or on a culinary adventure seated at a Formica table.

Top marks for - comedy, emotional connection, performance, art intensive and technical executions.

Ivan Barge - Showreel

BTS for Blue Smoke, Ivan's latest short film poised for release.

Photography/Belinda Bradley

Celebrating the FC family of filmmakers and photographers.


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