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Irish Electronica meets Pacifika Culture

Director Ayla Amano tells a powerful story set in South Auckland for Irelands’ foremost electronic artist - Daithi.

Shortlisted for three prestigious Kinsale Shark Awards, Familial is up for Best Music Video, Best Direction and Best New Director.

Steeped in both tenderness and strength, the underlying beat echoes the emotion of the song’s subject matter. Filmed at the Otara Markets, suburban South Auckland, and the beautiful St Columba Anglican Church in Grey Lynn.

Prominent Samoan actors Jeremiah Tauamiti, Villa Junior Lemanu and Samson Vaotuua - star in this compelling narrative music clip.

Says Director Ayla Amano:

“While coming home to New Zealand in early 2021 to visit family, I found myself reconnecting with my hometown and the community where I grew up. I was reminded of New Zealand’s unique position in the Pacific.

“Our Pacifika communities are so integral to the spirit of Auckland. And after spending time in Ireland, I could draw some unexpected parallels between the two cultures - wildly different on the surface, but both with a powerful sense of family and community, as well as humour and warmth that my Irish partner immediately connected with.”

“Filming while I was six months pregnant provided yet another layer to the story. We spent a lot of time on set talking about family and reflecting on where we’d come from,”

“As Daithi puts it: ‘ Every sample should have a backstory, and every song should be personal”.

Daithi’s mantra was honoured in Familial. The opening scene was filmed at the Otara Markets, where Villa recalls spending Saturday mornings as a child. The home scenes were filmed in Samson’s mother’s house. And Jeremiah guided Ayla in understanding the church's role in the Samoan culture and psyche.


Director/Editor - Ayla Amano, Producer/AD - Brendan Canty, Cinematography - Fergus Cahill, Choreographer - Villa Junior Lemanu

Executive Producer/Stills - Belinda Bradley, Production Manager - Ferris Bradley, Production Assistant - Roberto Nascimento, 1st AC - Glen Manchester, 2nd AC - Dom Lloyd/Halcyon Digital, Gaffer - Diego Cortinas, Best Girl - Jacqueline O’Gary.


Jeremiah Tauamiti

Villa Junior Lemanu

Samson Vaotuua

Special Thanks to: Seumanu Simon Matāfai and the Auckland Gospel Choir.


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