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Director & Photographer Spotlight - Michele Aboud

Michele is an exceptional observer of life, having lived and worked in Paris, London, New York and Sydney.

Michele possesses a most delectable touch and fresh vision, drawing inspiration from everyday streets to the high octane world of fashion. She comfortably straddles her fantastical editorial world, with her affinity for representing the human condition in her film and portraiture work. Combining these veins of consciousness is quite unique, but so is Michele.

Lover of boules, Bertolucci, Cinema Paradiso, art exhibitions, Griffons, creating playlists, comforting cliches, nostalgia, clothes, clothes, clothes, home-made curries, friends around the dinner table, and reminding them regularly she loves them. Awwwww nice.

Top marks for - character, performance, beauty, editorial, lifestyle, narrative, short film, TVC, documentary, creative content.

Michele Aboud - Film Reel

Michele Aboud - Stills Reel

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