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Sending festive love from the Film Construction carousel 🎠

What a wild ride 2023 was!


A roller coaster of weather events, an economic crisis and an election.

We are giddy from a year of high-octane action.


Caught in the 2023 loop de loop, we used the inertia to good advantage.


Our new headquarters in Eden Tce grew an edit suite. We hired an amazing Amie (stills producer). We worked on some kick-ass briefs. Our already agile producers became skilled contortionists (hopefully, no long-term physio required). Made new friends, kept old ones. And continued to build our stills division by welcoming some epic image-makers to the fold, complementing our talented film roster.

The FC fam is bursting with goodness!


But more importantly, it's that time of year to appreciate all the amazing people we get to make stuff with. Our clients, the brave thinker-uppers, our amazingly skilled technicians and craftspeople, and our dream team we get to do the day-to-day with.


It's always a pleasure and a privilege to play

in this theme park called advertising.


Brendan Canty . Sophie Miya-Smith . Harriett Maire . Amie Gellert. Matt Hurley . Chris Clark . Ivan Barge . Manja Wachsmuth . Tom Wilson . Belinda Smith . Chris Sisarich . Michele Aboud . Perry Bradley . Sam Kelly . Katya Brook . Mike Hishon . Ayla Amano . Jason Ierace . Jodie James . Mitch Clothier . Jake Dennis . Belinda Bradley .


Meri Kirihimete xx


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