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Sophie Shoots goals for fifa Women's World Cup

GIRLS WITH GOALS is a celebration of Waikato waahine and all their goals in collaboration with the FIFA Women's World Cup™.

The campaign designed by leading Waikato agency KingSt highlights local waahine from all backgrounds who have positively impacted their community.

As part of the ethos, Raglan-based Photographer Sophie Miya Smith was invited to sit down with each woman, hear their stories, and unlock their passions as she took their portraits. The results are evident in the effervescent capture. It was a shoot full of laughter and incredible positivity. Goal achieved!

Waahine inspiring waahine, now that's something powerful. FIFA Women's World Cup

Check out each of their goals here.

Portrait of photographer Sophie Miya-Smith

Photographer - Sophie Miya-Smith self-portrait.

The Waikato Wahine behind the lens and behind the scenes.


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