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The Fresh Eyes of sophie miya-smith

We're thrilled to welcome kiwi-Japanese Photographer Sophie Miya-Smith to the Stills Division.

Sophie's luminous portfolio balances editorial, commercial and portraiture photography with youthful ideologies and contemporary aesthetics. Shooting on digital and film formats for campaign and lifestyle work, her imagery for The Caker, Kate Sylvester and Goat Loft shows immediacy and spirit.

It was her first cell phone, at age 12, with a 1.3-megapixel camera that first ignited Sophie's passion. A couple of years later, she was gifted her Japanese Grandfather's 35mm film camera, setting Sophie's imagination on fire. The path ahead was clear.

With a scholarship from Te Ara Fine Art Awards, Sophie studied Communication Design at Auckland University of Technology. Following this, she was selected for a BFA in photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.

Her visual approach underpins her love for both photography and design. Sophie started her career as a designer at FCB West in San Francisco. It wasn't until she was art directing a shoot in Los Angeles that she had an overwhelming urge to snatch the camera from the photographer and take charge of the shoot. It was a lightbulb moment. She returned to New Zealand supercharged to develop her photographic style. After an enjoyable stint shooting for Designworks, Sophie took the plunge as an independent photographer. Attracting the attention of leading lifestyle thinkers and brands.

Sophie's luminous portfolio balances mixed photographic genres with youthful ideologies and contemporary aesthetics.

Sophie's organic sensibility to image-making is a blend of loose exploration with purposeful intention. Unafraid to bend the rules while understanding photography's technical and traditional sides.

Sophie's agency background is invaluable. Understanding the language of design and her attention to detail are the direct results of her time as a designer.

Sophie's work is a delicious mix of youthful vision and deep soul. She's an exquisite human. She loves her craft, and we can't wait to start crafting with her.

Sophie's Showreel

Self Portrait

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