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Welcoming the sensory talents of Katya Brook fine art photographer and AI-imager to the fold.

B&W Portrait of Photographer Katya Brook.

Katya Brook - Portrait


With poetic visuals and cinematic vibrancy, Katya's photography echoes neo-classic sensibilities laced with futuristic optimism. As an accomplished fine arts photographer and a trailblazer in AI imagery, she is an exciting new voice for commercial photography. Born and raised in a multicultural Siberian town near Lake Baikal, Russia, her upbringing in a diverse environment has instilled adaptability and a unique lens on the world. For Katya, photography and art are her way of exploring and expressing her true self. Katya finds inspiration in artists such as Goya, Van Gogh and Agnes Martin. Her work exudes a timeless and otherworldly charm that is truly captivating.

"Katya is a gifted photographer with a distinct vision and a beautiful, easy way about her as she works to achieve it." - Si Moore.

Katya Brook - Photography Showreel

Katya's Chrono-Crafted Visions are a dazzling kaleidoscope of artificially synthesised dreams. A symphony of pixels and electrons crafted through the lens of a processor from the mind of a photographer. Katya’s AI-generated worlds draw from the cinematic essence of directors like Tarkovsky, Malick, Kar-wai and Zhang Yimou. These worlds range from post-apocalyptic Mongolian villages to a reality where emotions replace language, blurring reality and dreams. Another creation envisions nature’s triumph, with whimsical fungal life forms transforming everything they touch into an otherworldly realm.

A symphony of pixels and electrons crafted through the lens of a processor from the mind of a fine art photographer.

Katya Brook - Ai generated Imagery - Showreel


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