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The art of being a good partner

We’ve seen a few changes in our time, but the value of creative partnerships in agency land, business, and broadcasting is one thing we predict will never change.

Having been established as a company for a couple of decades, it can be very satisfying (and sometimes amusing) to reflect on the many changes we have seen. We’ve lived through some seismic technology shifts. Music has gone from from CDs to iPods, and now to music streaming. We’ve watched a little site called Facebook

And over the last two decades we’ve also lived through a bird flu panic, a swine flu panic, more than one Wall Street panic, and seen plenty of where-did-my-business-go panic.

This time twenty years ago we were cutting our film and television projects on physical celluloid. To describe this process makes it sound so archaic - it involved Sellotape, razor blades, china graph pencils, and quite a bit of grovelling around the floor to find those missing trims we want to put back in the edit now that the client wants a quarter of a second longer on the product shot.

Watching people adapt and cope with these changes has been fascinating. And we’ve not been immune from wondering where things are going, but the communication arts have always changed with technology and we’ve never been more excited about the possibilities than we are right now.

Some Things Change. And some don’t.

Through all these developments, a few things haven't gone away. Firstly, the power of story - it is as important now as it was in antiquity. People need stories, resonate with stories, and still respond to stories. ‘nuff said.

And one other thing hasn't changed: the power of talented people working in partnership. Partnership has driven us since day one. Filmmaking partnerships, business partnerships, client and agency partnerships, creative partnerships. Something amazing happens when like minded people come together and pool their talent.

The driving force behind the Film Construction Group is to be a home for gifted craftspeople - filmmakers, videographers, journalists, producers, and communicators. And to orchestrate partnerships between those craftspeople and our clients.

Like all partnerships when something changes for one partner, it changes for the other. So we are constantly listening, adapting, and growing in new areas.

Ad Partners.

Film Construction is, and always will be, our company for Advertising work. Ad Agencies, with all their wonderful excitement, bluster, creativity, and energy are our clients, friends, and partners. And we love ’em to death. The deadlines, the urgency, the constant striving to make something just-that-teeny-bit better. The awards lust that powers many of the great creative minds we have met along the way. Agency land is the FC playground and we want you to know how much we love it.

The Film Construction approach has always been about fostering and supporting filmmaking talent. And the list of people who’s careers we have launched or grown would make for a great Industry Directory. Partnership is key here - we are your production partners, and we understand about how Agencies partner with their clients too. While the TVC is no longer the only thing we produce for Ad agencies, we bring the same disciplines to creating content that we always do for commercials - listen, consult, try to make it better. Pre -produce thoroughly, and do great work.

Business to Business Partners.

Content Marketing is more than a buzz word. Every organisation today has the opportunity to be a publisher - a media empire unto yourself. Where once every company had to “rent” media (on television, radio, or newspapers) now you cannot only be the publisher, you can own your own channel. Deconstruction is about building assets, your key asset: Content.

We can help companies set up those all important channels, then fill them with rich content - words, pictures, moving image, blogs, and more. And on top of all that we can manage the ongoing management of the channel - driving your content out through social media channels to create more subscribers.

Broadcast to the World

It’s only natural that our skills in shorter form film and communication are naturally being used for longer form goals. Mount Barker Entertainment is our program development wing that is about developing shows, formats, and handling those complex partnering relationships between Broadcasters, funding bodies, and sponsors. If you want to experience true bang for buck the branded content world is an exciting place to be. A place where brands and broadcasters mash together to entertain the masses.

Partnerships that last

So consider us your partners. We want to walk beside you and together create communication that will pass the test of time.

Our creative process allows us the freedom to dream and put together great ideas and exciting concepts for all forms of communication. We are always thinking up hair brained ideas and that is great for you, cause we like sharing them. Get in touch.

And no matter what else changes in this crazy business, there really is no need to panic.

- The FC Groupies

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