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Next Foundation and Film Construction look to the future

A new arrival in the philanthropy scene of NZ, this innovative organisation is using Content Marketing to tell its story.

NEXT Foundation is a newly launched philanthropic organisation that operates by making strategic investments into worthwhile projects and initiatives. This increasingly popular approach to philanthropy is results focused and ongoing in its nature, rather than simply making grants or gifts.

Education and environment are the two areas that NEXT Foundation has chosen to support. According to Chairman Chris Liddell, these areas “collectively focus on the assets which we think are most important to New Zealand as a country; our land and our people.”

“We were super excited to create content surrounding these issues of environment and education, as looking towards the sustainability and future of NZ is something that FC greatly values," says Bruce Pilbrow, Managing Director of FC.

Film Construction developed a detailed Content Marketing programme for NEXT Foundation that will roll out on a continuing basis. "The key to effective content is to be consistent,” says Pilbrow, "it's not a campaign bonfire that burns brightly then fades, rather this is about regular and ongoing conversation with the community. That’s what we are helping NEXT Foundation build.”

The first stage, produced along with Film Construction's design partners HUSK Creative, involved reworking their website and increasing its functionality so it became a home for rich content. Film Construction then produced all of the video content that announced the first 4 investment projects, in addition to the charming animation by Julian Stokoe which prefaces each project video. Music for this is provided by kiwi teenager Danielle Uka from Mike Chunn’s Play It Strange Trust. The song National Anthem by Danielle Uka immediately struck a chord. “We are about the future of New Zealand,” says Bill Kermode Managing Director “and so having young New Zealanders involved in our communication makes so much sense.”

NEXT Foundation’s vision is “to create a legacy of environmental and educational excellence for the benefit of future generations of New Zealanders.” They administer an up to 10-year $100 million programme and any group or individual can apply for funding within the categories of education and environment.

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