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Film set etiquette just got simpler

Are you sick of arrogant directors claiming the playback monitor all for themselves? Assuming a birthright to the best seat in the house? Ever wanted the monitor all to yourself? Now you can, thanks to new app CrewView.

Too long has the filmic aristocracy domineered access to on-set playback, leaving the masses to fight over partial glimpses of monitor through the framing of arms, shoulders and balding heads.

CrewView revolts against the elitism of film, and democratises the film set. Playback allows everyone to do their job better, streamlining the set and increasing efficiency. It’s high time to grant all crew members this right.

CrewView wirelessly connects up to 30 Apple tablets to the camera feed, giving each department a back pocket monitor. Originally developed by Canadian company Lentequip, CrewView is now available in Australasia through Queenstown based Local Action. The Canadian Canacast is already available via the Canadian app store, while the Australasian CrewView is in its final stages of development as functions continue to be added and improved.

As film makers at Film Construction we are very excited about this new technology. The increased efficiency enabled by CrewView allows us to capture that final and often all important take. From boom operators looking for the edge of frame, to 2nd unit camera needing to know what camera A is framing, the uses are endless.

Developer, Brett Mills of Local Action explains, “I love innovation and anything that makes our on-set life better and more efficient. So often there are needless hold ups simply due to miscommunications.”

CrewView helps us all work together and makes the difference between getting that extra shot or not.”

The possibilities of CrewView are huge and will continue to grow with development. Not to mention, the director can now concentrate on his job without an audience of 50 on his back.

Any enquiries contact Brett Mills:

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