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Game ‘Yan with Google and Perry Bradley

Dynamic Film Construction director Perry Bradley takes on the heat in Bangkok for Google Philippines and R/GA Singapore.

Two spots directed by Perry Bradley use reverse order story telling to showcase Google apps and their ability to bring people together. Aside from social basketball leagues and K-Pop dance parties, these apps strengthen the bond between the virtual and the real by making online communication more intuitive and lifelike than ever before. Far from having an alienating effect, these stories show the app facilitiating the bringing together of people in a creative way.

Perry says, "the story-in-reverse device is of course not new - we referenced Christopher Nolan's Memento as well as the famous Seinfeld "Betrayal” episode, plus several TVCs that use a similar technique. However this script really did give us something special to work with, taking us back to the moment where our hero realises they have a problem that needs solving."

The future of communication technology, alongside more K-Pop dance parties than you could ever wish for, is finally here.

"We produced this campaign to help first time smartphone users in the Philippines to see the possibilities of Google Apps. Everyone’s familiar with Google’s Maps, Search and YouTube, but the idea of having those apps in your pocket is pretty new. We captured a fun story that brings the benefits to life, and told it in a non-linear fashion. Perry & Patrick got the idea immediately – and also understood the realities of creating work for South East Asian audiences. The guys were really collaborative all the time, making our lives easy during pre-production. And the shoot was one of the most fun ones I’ve attended. Also, shooting our key visuals on set with Chris Sisarich worked really well. The campaign has now launched and the results are great so a bunch of happy clients here."

Anti Toivonen - Creative Director R/GA Singapore

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