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Lunch Swap

We can all remember what it felt like eyeing up the delights of a friends lunchbox. For me it was a buddy who always had the most delicious home baked fudge brownies. And unfortunately my peanut butter sandwiches didn't make the cut for a swap. She was kind though and would share regardless, so my negotiating skills were left unpractised until later in life, and on things way more precarious than a brownie. But not true for our "lunch swap girls", they've got it all going on, and one of them potentially just might sell you a house one day.

Lunch Swap is one of four scenarios. Having a Bayleys Real Estate agent as a parent is a pretty handy thing when it comes to learning the skills of negotiation, entrepreneurship and ingenuity.

We loved creating these spots for ICG and Bayleys Real Estate. Spend some time with the lunch swap girls.

Directed by - Perry Bradley . DOP - Renaud Maire . Production Company - Film Construction

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