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Family Chaos In Perfect Harmony.

Here's to all the hard working families. All the joys, all the challenges. Exhausting, exhilarating and completely rewarding, well most of the time. All of us who are there, or have been there, can completely relate to Rainger & Rolfe's latest brand campaign for Healtheries - New Zealand. "Meet The Bradley's".

A day in the life of a very typical New Zealand family hurtling from one activity to the next, smoke alarms, wet dogs, cold showers, forgotten rugby boots, flying cereal, a crayon up the youngest child's nose. You get the gist.

Creative director, Chris Long and film director Perry Bradley (no relation to our on-screen family ;) knew exactly where the moments lay when it came to capturing all the major/minor achievements of the Bradley's on set. Filming this was pretty much a plastered smile from the first run tape to wrap.

Thanks to our awesome crew for all your usual brilliance. And to Rainger & Rolfe for enlisting our hands to create some orchestrated family chaos. And the moral of the tale... take your Healtheries!

Meet The Bradley's - Full Day - TVC

Director - Perry Bradley. Producer - Jozsef Fityus. DOP - Renaud Maire. Editor - Steve Cox. Colourist - Andrew Brown/ToyBox. Agency - Rainger & Rolfe. Creative Director - Chris Long. Agency Producer - Peter Mayo.

On set stills - Belinda Bradley

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