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A Hot & Spicy Mash-Up - KFC x Nick Von K with photographer MATT HURLEY

This was one of those briefs that garnered an instant smile when it landed in our production inbox.

Giving photographer Matt Hurley an excuse to get a little unruly by marrying bespoke pieces of jewellery with the reintroduction of the fan-fav KFC ‘Hot & Crispy Boneless’ chicken. Oh yeah!

The inventive team at Special PR partnered with renowned jewellery designer Nick Von K to release ‘The Boneless Collection’ to celebrate the re-entry of ‘Hot & Crispy’.  

11 individual hand-crafted pieces, which have taken inspiration from the discarded chicken bones - all snapped up, with 100% of the proceeds going to KFC's charity Surf Living Saving.

A finger-lickin' good time, with no serviettes required!

Direction - Matt Hurley

Photographer - Matt Hurley

Outakes - Set Vibes

BTS - Jake Dennis


Special PR

Creative Lead: Kat Day

Account Manager: Sophie Harsent

Account Manager: Jessica Walker 

PR Director: Natasha D'souza

Film Construction

Photographer: Matt Hurley

Stills Producer: Amie Gellert


Videographer: Jason Domancie

Photographer Assists: Swen Carlin & Straton Heron

Wardrobe & Styling: Richard Huang

Art Director: Leah Mizrahi

Food Stylist: Stacey Gorman


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