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Acclaimed Director and Photographer Michele Aboud joins Film Construction.

Film Construction brings an exciting new voice to the New Zealand market. Sydney based acclaimed Director and Photographer Michele Aboud's work displays power, tenderness, and restraint.

Working in New York, Paris, London, and Sydney, Michele has photographed famous faces - Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Baz Lurhmann and Debbie Harry among them.

“Michele’s work is impressive across the different realms of portraiture, advertising, beauty, and fashion”. Her film work expresses an extraordinary assurance and spirit. Her short documentary work is original, fresh, and ever so entertaining".

"We are excited to introduce Michele to the New Zealand market. And a celebration of reconnecting the flow of talent between NZ and Australia as our borders reopen”, says Belinda Bradley, Executive Producer at Film Construction.

Directing was a natural progression for Michele. An extension of her ability to tell stories in still images.

New York was a stellar place for a person who thrives around people. During this time, Michele developed her affinity for telling a wide range of stories. Compelling characters and stories are expressed with a fresh eye.

"Living and working in NYC brought out a curiosity in me about the human story. And what better place to be intrigued," Michele explains.

When she began making documentaries, they were an instant success.

Her debut documentary, A Close Shave, wowed audiences in twelve international film festivals. Berlin Short Film Festival, ST Kilda FF, ARFF Berlin Best Short Documentary and was a winner at the Vegas FF.

She has an intuitive understanding of the impact of emotion. But Michele never loses sight that the concept and idea must come first.


A Close Shave - Director Michele Aboud

Using the neighbourhood barbershop as a safe space, 3 local clientele come together to discuss their toughest challenges in life, in their most intimate and raw form.

Stills - Michele Aboud


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