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True and Director Chris Sisarich create a community story. We all have an idea of what a healthy happy neighbourhood should feel like. And with todays concerns of housing shortages, unemployment and social issues, this project stood out. A film for good. An initiative where community leaders work alongside their people building the best Tamaki possible.

Welcome to the Tamaki Regeneration Project.

Below director Chris Sisarich reflects on why this film struck such a great chord.

" Working on the Tamaki Project was really special. It was an inspirational story of people coming together as a community for the community. It is that underlying idea that really resonated with me.

The very nature of working with real people in a real community meant that we needed to keep an open mind and work to an organic process.

It was vital we capture the true spirit of the Tamaki people. Their daily lives, their environments at work and at leisure. The camera being unintrusive and observational. My job was really about creating that space for them.

Right from the onset the conversations with the team at True and Tamaki were really open and collaborative. And that was the attitude we took into the whole process. Everyone involved really contributed and it was that collective effort that made this project so enjoyable and rewarding".

Watch The Tamaki Regeneration Film

Credits: Director - Chris Sisarich, Producer - Jozsef Fityus, Casting /Production Manager - Harriett Maire, Location Scout/Prod Co-ord - Ferris Bradley, DOP - Andrew Commis, 1st AC - Gray Turner, Gaffer/Grip - Pablo Stevenson, Wardrobe/Make up - Miranda Raman, Editor - Steve Cox.

Agency True: Copy Writer - Scott Moyes, Art Director - Neill McAlpine, Producer - Emma Cutfield, Account Service - Abby Venter.

Client: Tamaki Regeneration Company

Special Credit To: Harriett Maire and Ferris Bradley for their gentle intergration into the community. Weeks spent getting to know the people, at their places of work, leisure and home.

This film also marks one of the last edits with our dear friend and fellow filmmaker Steve Cox. We miss you. Forever in our hearts.


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