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Harnessing the Sun

It's a pretty good feeling making film for the greater good of our environment. And when the script from Rainger & Rolfe landed in our inbox we knew we wanted to get some sand on our hands, and help bring this to life.

And so we did. Film director Perry Bradley, & creative director Chris Long worked closely together to create a piece that would be more organic in nature. Creating an idea that would unfold but also let the cast of family & friends respond in very natural ways to the coming together and creation of the sculpture.

Art director, Ashley Turner spent weeks collecting drift wood & shells in preperation and designing the Koru. On the day of filming Ash and his team chased the tide as they created the giant scuplture. Making it in time for the sequence to be filmed before the tide returned. It was a windswept day on Muriwai beach, but our volunteer community of whānau were amazing, warming the lens with their smiles and good will.

The koru might be swept away with the tide. But not our memory of this fantastic day's filming "The Grid For Good" manifesto.

So, go order your solar panels and make a difference.

Powering up with solar energy for Rainger & Rolfe + solarcity - Grid For Good TVC

Director - Perry Bradley, Producer - Ivan Barge, DOP - Renaud Maire, Art Director - Ashley Turner, Editor - Nathan Pickles, Colourist - Pete Richie, Online - James Hutchinson. Creative Director - Chris Long, Agency Producer - Peter Mayo.

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