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Harriett Maire selected for DEGNZ emerging women Filmmakers incubator 2023

BTS/Film Construction

We're super stoked that Harriett has been selected for this prestigious mentoring program. What an awesome opportunity to rub directorial shoulders and learn from some of the best in the business.

The participants selected for the seventh year of the Incubator will go through a series of one-day workshops designed to advance their projects as directors in the screen industry.

The DEGANZ Incubator was created to address the paucity of female directors in scripted content and feature film in New Zealand. Since its beginning in 2016, 48 female directors, including this year’s intake, have been selected for the programme, with many continuing to advance and make significant achievements in their directing careers across features, commercials, TV drama, scripted shows, online content, and documentary.

As a rising commercials director, Harriett's work also spans film, theatre and documentaries. Harriett began as a trained actor before realising her true calling was on the other side of the process. In 2015, she graduated as Television and Screen Production graduate of the year at AUT. Her projects have won awards internationally, and her first short film continues to tour the world seven years after its initial release.

With a holistic understanding of storytelling, Harriett is known for creating comprehensive and empathetic works. Her performance-directing style highlights subtle nuances and detailed characterisation. Harriett’s passion for storytelling and her ability to bring out the best in her actors make her a sought-after director in the industry.

BTS/Film Construction


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