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Hold The Outdoors Open for Mike Hishon

Film Construction is delighted to welcome Director & Photographer Mike to its talented stable of image-makers.

Mike has a deep connection to the outdoors and nature. With an upbringing on Southland and Canterbury farms, that's no surprise. Mix that with a love for the arts from a young age, and it didn't take long for Mike to start roaming the landscape with a camera, documenting the life around him.

As a multi-skilled photographer and filmmaker, Mike has a keen eye for finding honest beauty in everyday life, the people living it and working it. His diverse subject matter ranges from landscapes to portraits, capturing the world with empathy, clarity and warmth. And yes, you’ll also find Mike indoors occasionally, crafting light onto a wine bottle and even the occasional Tuatara.

Mike's image-making is driven by evoking a feeling rather than selling a product.“Create believable and resonant emotions, and half the work is done,” he says.

Wearing multiple hats as a photographer, director and DP, Mike easily switches between all three skills. With a broad understanding of creative and technical processes, he is always keen to learn and relate to other people's worlds and challenges. Always ready to listen and construct projects in partnership with the creative team.

He got his start in the industry as a runner on the set of 'The Hobbit', which led to a full-time position at Weta Digital. This experience taught him valuable storytelling and screen craft lessons, helping to shape him into the nuanced image-maker he is today.

Mike has collaborated with notable brands such as Nokia, Peroni, Fonterra, Yealands, The Crossings Wine, Boxer Spirits, TAB, The Hotel Britomart and Tourism Fiji. His films are known for their stunning visuals, featuring graceful and dynamic camera and drone operating that elevate the storytelling.

His documenting now takes him a little further afield, from islands to deserts and, most recently, Morocco. Mike is a curious documenter, and we're looking forward to our adventures with him.

So, step outdoors (or in) with Mike, and let's get some magic happening.

Mike Hishon / Director's Reel

Mike Hishon / Photography Reel

Enjoy a sample of Mike's Portfolio


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